Green Moving and How to Join Us

Join the Green Moving Revolution

Going green is a concept that is not limited solely to corporations and high-profile individuals. We are all part of the world and we can all find ways to go green, or be more environmentally friendly, on our own. Persons who are moving to a new home using a mover found through, or who intend to move soon, can chip in too by incorporating green methods into both their moving process and in the home they are moving to. Some of these methods include looking for energy saving measures and recycling moving materials. These methods, though small, will have lasting beneficial effects on you and the environment around you regardless of where your move might take you.

Taking the First Step

Your first step towards becoming environmentally friendly during your move should include using recyclable and sustainable methods to complete the tasks that you need to complete. Find old cardboard boxes or containers in which to put your items instead of buying new ones for a few dollars each. Supermarkets and department stores will be glad to supply you with some of their discarded boxes if you ask or speak to a member of the store’s management. Some of these boxes can be cut up to supply packing material if there are no paper factories or other stores willing to let you re-use their softer material. Sometimes you can ask moving companies to lend you a hand with finding good boxes as well. Reusing boxes not only helps the world around you, but it will allow you to save money on moving too!

After you have finished with your packing material, put them in the paper recycling bin or contact your local recycling center about disposal. Don’t just throw these things out as there are many other environmentally responsible methods of handling this waste. Contact the local moving companies to see if they’ll take the boxes and materials off your hands or consider selling them to someone in the local area who might be moving soon to make a bit of extra money.

Energy Efficient Homes

Another way to help cut costs and save the environment at the same time involves finding a home that is energy efficient. Ask your realtor or seller if there are any energy-saving features installed in the house you are interested in. Look for well sealed windows and doors, solar or green energy features, well designed fireplaces, water-conscious features and energy star appliances. These features will save you a lot of money over the long run as you will be using less utilities, and ultimately, less money. Ask if the seller will install some of these features, or if they will allow you to keep some of the energy star compliant appliances, if they have any. If there are no such features in your house or building, consider adding them in the future.

Easy Street to Environmentally Friendly Moving

What’s great about these steps is that they are simple and easy to follow. They may not be as showy as deciding to spend less holidays in Monaco in order to reduce carbon footprints, but they still contribute something beneficial to the environment. And in the end, that is something to be proud of.

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